Welcome to 🚀 Ambitious AF #Escapers Club

A private global network of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, and Entrepreneurs

🚀 Ambitious AF #Escapers Club

🚀 As an ambitious remote working professional, have you ever asked yourself....

🤷🏻‍♂ 'Where can I find like-minded, driven, and ambitious professionals like myself?'

🤔 'Why aren't there more people like me to discuss business ideas and challenges with?

👩🏽‍💻 'How can I grow my skills, network, and business the fastest?'

Feels familiar? 

We have the solution


🚀 Join the 'Escapers-club'!

Save hundreds of hours of looking for valuable connections, resources, and information!

🔎 Find like-minded peers based on interest, topics, industry, and location

🚀Participate in inspiring online and offline events, by Escapers, for Escapers

❌ No BS     ❌ No ads   ❌ No algorithms

What is The Escapers Club?

🚀 The Escapers club is an empowering, fun, and friendly community of highly driven remote working professionals.

👉 Our goal is to help each other build profitable businesses in an inspiring, knowledgeable, and fun environment.

Membership includes:

🧠Mastermind sessions: 
Join a curated Mastermind group of 4-7 professionals on your level, dedicated to building profitable companies. Keep each other accountable and support each other's growth.

🎯'Get-shit-done' Co-working sessions:
Work on your own tasks and projects and help others with theirs. ‍

💬 I am looking for - Forum: 
Ask for advice, share knowledge, and tools, resources, and connections in the Escapers forum.

👯‍♀️Join local and global events: 
We encourage our community to meet OFFLINE with each other. Join FREE local events and curated global events to meet the other Escapers!

Who is it for?

💪🏽 The Escapers club is for highly driven remote working entrepreneurs, business owners, and freelancers in all kinds of industries;
from e-commerce, digital marketing, physical products, and SaaS, to online courses, coaching, productized services, and many more.

This is a paid Membership and Private Community 🗝

Not because we want to be snobby about it, but we want to make sure everyone can contribute and learn from each other.

It is proven that paid members are more engaged. They aim to justify their investments. Not fuck around or being passive.

Pricing (TBD)

Escapers pay either a quarterly (€175)  or annual (€495) membership fee. This makes it possible for us to work on inspiring ways to bring our community together.

We have full-time hosts working behind the scenes to make this community valuable, engaged, and active! 🥳

Money-back guarantee: If you change your mind after joining, contact us within 21 days and we’ll refund your membership fee, no questions asked. 💯

This is in BETA version

We are testing out new ways to offer our community value while not being together.

We only invite people who truly are motivated and want to add value to the community.

About us

We are The Nomad Escape! 🚀

We are an empowering community of Digital Nomads, Remote Workers, and Entrepreneurs that want to grow their skills, network, and business with like-minded people! 

Find out more about us at our website 

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